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Written by Melissa 27 Jul, 2015


The Kansas City Royals

Spoiler Alert, I live in Kansas City, so this is a pretty localized heat wave. But ever since their surprising 2014 season, the Kansas City Royals have been hot in book sales. And not just here at home.

I get calls from people all over the country looking for Royals books or magazines that they can’t get in their local markets.

Between 1985 and 2014 you couldn’t give Royals merchandise away. Well, okay, I know there were some die-hard fans, but if I wanted a to buy a book for my Dad for Christmas I would have been out of luck. Last year, however, I was spoiled for choice.

touching homeThis book came out a few weeks before Christmas and we couldn’t keep it in the store. People were literally buying arm loads of them.

When the March issue of Sports Illustrated came out, a guy from New York called and had eleven copies sent to him. Our cover had the Royals, but he could only get the Yankees in New York.

Since then, Dayton Moore, Manager of the Royals has made a splash with his book, “More than a Season.”

It was certainly a heady time here in Kansas City, and one that I don’t believe can be repeated. There was something so magical about all the come from behind wins, and the rallying of the whole community. In fact, I can’t even remember who one the World Series. In my book the Royals took home the biggest prize of all, the return to the greatness that evaporated after 1985.

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  1. Melissa, you should be a Boston Red Sox fan! Now that was a long wait!

    • So true Noelle. I have a friend who is a Boston fan, she went crazy in ’07. At least it wasn’t too long before #4 in ’13.

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