What’s Hot: Big Head Books

Written by Melissa 20 Jul, 2015


Big Head Books- At least that’s what the kids call them. I’m talking about the “Who Was” series of Biographies published by Penguin.

columbusThis really is a terrific learning tool for kids of all ages. I find kids as young as second grade able to read them with ease, and kids as old as sixth grade still getting a lot of valuable information from them.

What makes them so good?

  • They have an engaging tone.
  • They have clear but simple illustrations.
  • They have short side-bars for added information.
  • They are no longer than they have to be.

Penguin is now publishing “What Was,” and “Where Is,” books.

pearlharbor                    grandcanyon

So what about you? Whose biography would you like to see? What event would you like to know more about? What place would you like to explore?

Mine are: Pocahontas, The Battle of the Bulge, and Big Ben.

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  1. How about American female abolitionists? Clara Barton? Sally Ride?

    • Yes, I have read the Clara Barton one, it was great. I haven’t gotten to Sally Ride yet, but it’s high on my list.

  2. Ty Allan Jackson recounts how he became an author as well as how Big Head Books evolved into the literacy foundation it is today. Ty Allan Jackson and Eddie Taylor of Big Head Books were recently featured on the Our Black Entrepreneurs web-series to talk about what it’s like to be black men in the publishing world as well as Big Head Books’ mission and goals.

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