Size Matters: Choosing the Best Trim Size for your Print-on-Demand Book/Hardback

Written by Melissa 19 May, 2015

Juvenile Hardcover with Dust Jacket

samesizehbbooksIn last weeks post I talked about why it’s important to make sure you POD book is the right size for your genre.

  • If your book is too big or too small it will get “lost.”
  • If your book is the wrong size you will look like an, amatuer people will question the validity of the book, (I’ve seen it).
  • Shelf space is vital to both retail booksellers and libraries. (Heck everyone can use more shelf space.)
  • Books that are taller than average get damaged more easily.

But what if you want a hardback (also known as Trade Cloth) book. The size is a bit different for hardback books, but not too much.

The standard size for a Juvenile Hardback is 5.5″ X 8.5″ or 13.9cm x 21.6cm. This is the size for books listed as Juvenile, sometimes referred to as Middle Grade targeted at ages 8-12.

There are two types of hardback options.

  1. Where the book has a plain cloth cover with the title embossed on the spine, then all of the cover art  and cover text  printed on a paper slip-cover or dust jacket that wraps around the book.
  2. The book has a reinforced cover with the cover art and cover text are printed directly on the cover.

This post discusses the first option, where a plain cloth cover is protected by a dust jacket. In order to create the full cover you have to format the front and back images, the spine, and the jacket-flap on each end. Each flap is 3.5 inches.


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