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Salt is an all-white cat with yellow eyes. He has an adventurous spirit and is willing to take chances to improve his situation. He lost all of his family as a kitten and has been on his own ever since. He’s a social cat and is on the lookout for people and other cats to share his life with.

Salt is an agile risk taker who is willing to go out on a limb when necessary. He is loyal to his friends and stands up for the oppressed. He rescues Katie Mousington and goes on to become her mate. They have many litters of kittens who are the ancestors of modern-day American cats.

Salt originally had William Strachey, John Rolfe, and Sarah Rolfe as his people. After Sarah Rolfe died, he and Katie stayed with John Rolfe. Their oldest son Jamie took William Strachey as his person.


Katie is a black-and-white cat with yellow eyes. She is gentle and kind but also spirited. She stands up for herself when necessary. She is the daughter of J. Thomas Mousington XXVI and Clarissa Mousington. She has an older brother, Twenty-seven and three littler mates, Fluff, Puff, and Stuff.

When her father prioritized her brother’s safety over her own, she deserted her family and went to stay with Salt. They became mates and had many litters of kittens.

Katie and Salt took John Rolfe as their person after his wife died. They lived with him for the rest of his life.

cat2Toady is a large brown tabby. Some cats think he is fat, but Toady prefers to think of himself as big boned. Toady has been a ships cat for many years, but after he meets Valide he decides to settle down.

Toady has a good nature, and likes to be jolly. He is very tolerant of Valide’s haughty attitudes. He and Valide take Governor Gates as their person. They live in his large house.



ca3Valide is a pure-bred Turkish Angora whose ancestors were brought to England following the crusades. She comes on the Sea Venture with her parents, Lord Suleyman and Lady Constantinople. Mistress Horton is their person, but when Lady Valide’s eyes turn out to be the same color they cast her out. She goes to live with Salt and Katie and finally takes Toady as her mate.

Lady Valide has clear ideas of her superiority like all aristocrats of the time.


J Thomas Mousington XXVI-

cat4J Thomas is the Master of the Feline Guild assigned to travel to the New World and establish a guild presence. He is a yellow short hair. He takes his role very seriously, and is willing to throw Salt off the boat rather than let an outsider travel with them.

He values his male offspring who can follow him into the feline guild. He doesn’t value his female offspring as much.

J Thomas Mousington, his wife, and offspring take all of the middle-class passengers as their people.

His confidence in his superiority leads him to challenge a fox, which gets the better of him.

cat5Clarissa Mousinton-

The mate of J Thomas Mousington is a calico queen. She goes along with her mates wishes up to a point, but when he goes too far, she puts a stop to his antics.

Clarissa helped her mate care for the middle-class passengers of the Sea Venture until his death. After that she took Reverend Whitaker as her person. She met her Granddaughter, Pepper while living in his home.




J Thomas Mousington XXVII (Twenty-seven)-

Twenty-seven looks very much like his father, but doesn’t act like him. He is much more willing to see all the cats as equals. On the other hand he want to please his father. After his father’s death, he is able to help his sister, Katie and her mate, by taking their sons, Jamie and Morton, as apprentices and finding them good men to share their lives with.




Katie’s three littermates





Poltroon is one of the journeymen who works under J. Thomas Mousington XXVI. He as passed his apprenticeship with the Feline Guild, and now he will travel as needed to gain the experience to become a Master.

J Thomas Mousington thinks he has the potential to be a good mate for his daughter, Katie. She thinks Poltroon is a lazy loafer, and chooses Salt instead. Poltroon shows himself to be a coward when he refuses to continue to chase Salt onto the bowsprit.


Funk is the second of J. Thomas Mousinton’s Journeycats.


Lord Suleyman is a solid white Turkish Angora with mismatched eyes. His person is Mistress Horton. He is the mate of Constantinople and the father of Valide.

As a rare pure-bred cat, with an aristocrat as his mate, Suleyman has never had to do his own hunting. He takes it as his due that the lower ranking cats will hunt for him, if his Mistress doesn’t provide all of his needs. He drives his daughter off when she turns out to have the same colored eyes.



Constantinople is also a solid white Turkish Angora with mismatched eyes. Mistress Horton is also her person. She is the mate of Suleyman and the mother of Valide. She submits to her husband and Mistresses when they decide to drive Valide away.




Slink is the lead cat on the newly built Sea Venture. He is a skinny grey cat with very large ears. He has been a ships cat all his life and doesn’t like cats who spend most of their time on shore. He is especially upset with some members of his crew decide to mutiny on the island of Bermuda.

Black Mol-

Black Mol is a solid black cat with a crooked tail. She has been a sea-going cat all her life too, but after the hurricane she loses her nerve and decides to stay behind on Bermuda.

Three Toed Larry-

Three Toed Larry- another hardened sea cat who has spent his life onboard ships, Larry decides to stay with his mate on Bermuda when she refuses to leave.

Black Mol and Three Toed Larry’s kits-

The couple had a litter of kits when they arrived on Bermuda. After spending their first ten months on the island, all of the kits decided to continue on with the rest of the passengers, leaving their parents behind.


A gray tabby who arrived with the 1607 settlers to Jamestown. Puck and his mate Ruth managed to escape the fort during the starving time and were living in the forest. They were able to share the story of the horrors of the starving time with the new arrivals, and warn them to look out for the humans if food became scarce.


A buff female who is Pucks mate.


Pepper and Pocahontas


Pepper is the daughter of Salt and Katie. She is a small gray and white female. She is kidnaped when she is only a kitten and taken to live with the Powhatan people, to be given to Chief Wahansunacock. She grew up with the Powhatan people and although she respected the great Chief, she became bonded with his daughter Pocahontas.

She was kidnapped again, this time with Pocahontas. She went to live with the English and was eventually reunited with her parents Salt and Katie. Her travels with Pocahontas took her all the way to England and she was joined by her first mentor, Otter. After the death of Pocahontas the two cats became mates and went back to live with the Powhatan.


Otter is a large brown tabby who is bonded with the Powhatan medicine man, Uttamatomakkin. He takes on the task of training Pepper after she is brought to the Powhatan village. He is stern and strict with Pepper, but she comes to admire him. When Pepper is kidnapped, Otter fears he will never see her again.

When they are reunited during the journey to England, Otter is determined to make Pepper his molly.


The head cat on the ship that takes Pepper, Otter, Salt, and Katie back to England. Navan saves Otter and Pepper during a storm.


Salt and Katie’s oldest son returned to England with William Strachey before Pepper was born. He was reunited with his parents and siblings when they visited England with the Rolfes.

Lord Ashton-

A solid gray-blue British Short Hair, who lives with one of the aristocratic families that Rebecca Rolfe (aka Pocahontas) went to visit on her trip to England.

Lady Leticia-

Lord Ashton’s mate.

cat11Morton and the Mayflower


Morton is the son of Salt and Katie. He is orange-yellow in color. He is brave and loyal to his friends and family. Morton was born in Virginia and took Stephen Hopkins as his person. When Stephen returned to England, Morton went with him. Morton lived with Stephen, and his two children, Constance and Giles until Stephen married Elizabeth. Elizabeth had a daughter, Demaris.

When Stephen heard that the Mayflower would take a group of colonists to the New World, he knew it was his chance to go back. Morton joined the family and returned to his home country.

Morton is a level headed leader among the cats, but gladly shares the responsibility with his new friend, CB. What he’s not happy about sharing his the molly, Gentle. But when he finds a molly named Lavender he knows he has found the right mate.


CB (Captain Butler) is a solid black cat with a small stature and a plumed tail. His person is Miles Standish. CB is very brave, but tends to be a bit rash at times. He rushes in without considering the consequences. Luckily he has his good friend, Morton and his mate, Gentle, to keep him in check.


A small brown and white female, William Bradford is her person. She lives up to her name, being a Gentle young molly who falls for the dashing CB.


A dirty-white cat, covered in fleas, Duffer is the cat of the ornery Billington family. He takes advantage of Morton’s generous nature by getting Morton to hunt for him. He takes food meant for the hungry Pilgrims. Morton, CB, and Gentle are not able to rely on his help at all.


Lavender is a brown and yellow tabby whose person is Tisquantum the Patuxet interpreter and guide who was so instrumental in seeing the Pilgrims through their first years in Plymouth. Lavender first took Tisquantum as her person when she arrived in Patuxet with John Smith. The two were taken as slaves to Spain, but rescued by monks and sent back to Patuxet. They arrived to find that the whole tribe had died of plague.

Lavender helps the cats adapt to Plymouth, and when Tisquantum spends more and more time with the Pilgrims, she and Morton become closer. They eventually become mates.

Black Bart-

The lead cat on the Mayflower, Black Bart is very unhappy about Morton and the other cats joining the voyage. He felt that they took jobs away from his regular crew members.

Black Bart is an all-white cat with a black patch over one eye and ear. He has massive scarring due to the many fights he’s been in.


Fink is one of Black Bart’s regular crew members who isn’t able to travel on the Mayflower because of the other cats. He tries to prevent Morton and CB from joining the Mayflower by locking them in a crate and having them loaded on another ship.

Thankful, Tribulation, Silence, Endure- Gentle and CB’s first litter of kittens who were given traditional Puritan names.


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