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In my opinion the biggest challenge facing Indie or Self Published authors is lack of credibility. For years readers have depended on traditional publishing to be the gate keepers  and arbiters of what constitutes quality literature, whether it be genre fiction or Pulitzer prize winners. By and large they have done an okay job. However, in their zeal to damn the flood of novels being produced, mainstream publishing has barred its doors to some books that deserve the consideration of mainstream audiences, or perhaps niche markets.

Someone once said, “everyone has at least one good book in them.” I’m convinced that all 7.whatever billion of us might just write that book. But what is a reader to do? How to find quality literature in that slew of options? Do readers just stick with the tried and true books published by the big name houses?

As an Indie Author, I sure hope not. I feel there must be a better way for readers to find quality literature. A clearing house of sorts that readers can refer to when they want to find a good book. Something that goes beyond reviews.

This is what I think. If you’re an Indie Author, you are probably reading at least some Indie Books? Are they all terrible? No, of course not. You’ve probably found some real gems. I know I have. I want to know about those books. The books that you read and thought, “why wasn’t this traditionally published.” Or maybe, “I can see why this wouldn’t fit into a traditional publishing model, but what a fantastic read.”

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Not to be rude, but I’m not interested in hearing about your book. There are tons of places out there where you can tell people about your book and why they should buy it.

I want to know about someone elses book. Preferably someone you don’t know at all. Someone you are not obligated to in any way. Just pure enjoyment of quality literature.

So if you have read a book that you think should be considered for the Indie Book Hall of Fame, let me know by filling telling me about the book, the author, and why you think it’s Hall of Fame worthy on the CONTACT page.

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