#Descendants of Salt and Katie: Mollie

Written by Melissa 06 Jul, 2015

Is your cat a descendant of Salt and Katie?

Is your cat a mixed breed? If so then he/she is probably a descendant of Salt and Katie. Since they were two of the first cats to settle in North America they are the ancestors of many of the cats who live here today. But more than that, Salt and Katie’s offspring spread throughout the world, when Morton traveled back to Europe.

Before Europeans from places like Scandinavia, Spain, England, Holland, France, etc. began exploring the Western Hemisphere there had never been domestic cats. The only felines were wild like cougar, bobcat, ocelot, and jaguar. These animals cannot be domesticated. The Europeans brought domesticated cats with them.

Today’s descendant is Mollie:


Mollie is that perfect blend of tabby and tuxedo that marks a true mixed-breed cat. She has those giant yellow eyes with the dark rims and that pure white face and chest. She even has a white tip on her tail.

Mollie currently lives at Wayside Waifs, just outside of Kansas City.

It’s a wonderful no-kill shelter that offers animals a home until they can find a forever place to live.

Mollie, like so many domestic cats today is without a home. It’s hard to believe with the millions of cats in the US today, that there were once none at all.

When Salt and Katie first came to the New World on the Sea Venture, they were likely to have been some of the first cats to live here.  You can read more about their story in, Salt and the Sea Venture.

Do you have a cat who is a descendant of Salt and Katie? If so, send me a picture and tell me a little bit about them. I’ll put them on the blog and plug anything else you’d like too!

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